Share your collections with the world.

Proficio for the Web, the online face of Proficio and Proficio Elements, can now be found through a Google search.  This exciting development is being implemented with our current clients utilizing Proficio for the Web.  This value add will open up your collections to a potentially broader audience and help searchers find your museum.  A few considerations as far as Google goes:

Where search results appear on Google depends on a number of factors, not all of which are under our control.

To maximize the effectiveness of Google Search we advise the following:

  • Google likes content – so well written expansive text on exhibits, objects and archives actually helps!
  • Feature the link to your collections prominently on your home website. The link should be clear, and ideally appear in multiple places.
  • Promote the collections website in your public outreach including social media postings such as Twitter and Facebook; more links to the collection equals higher ranking.
  • Promote specific items, or exhibits, by including the URL in your postings
  • A blog about items, or exhibits, in your collection is a great way to promote interest and improve search rankings
  • Use the About page to highlight the special qualities and specific range of your collections
  • Update the content; search engines take notice of changing content


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