Notice to our clients

To our Re:discovery Clients,


As we work as a community to prepare for the impact of COVID-19, I wanted to share how we at Re:discovery Software are working to keep everyone healthy and safe in the workplace while also maintaining smooth day-to-day operations.


The safety of our employees and communities are the primary concern.  Re:discovery Software already had the infrastructure in place to support remote staff and we’ve had employees working remotely from home environments for over a decade.  There are a number of measures we have taken to ensure these environments and the main office in Charlottesville, VA stay healthy while continuing to serve our customers effectively.  We’ve asked the employees that normally work in the main office to work remotely.


Since roughly half of our employees already worked remotely, much of our day to day work will be conducted as normal.  We can continue to push projects forward and be in constant contact with one another. 


For our customers, we are committed to keeping our services up and running.  Since many of you utilize our Proficio or Elements products in the Proficio Cloud, your access to these systems is available no matter where you are working.  We are grateful that it allows you to work effectively while remaining safely at home.   You will continue to have access to our Technical Support team when you need them and we will continue to conduct our scheduled live webinars.  As always, our support pages and recorded training tutorials are there when you need them.


These are challenging and sometimes frightening times, but we feel confident that as a company and community, we can get through this together.


Thank you,

The Team at Re:discovery Software Inc.

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