Learning More

This section gives you the opportunity to dig deeper into the Proficio Collections Management System (CMS). If you’d like more general info, we recommend the Products section of the website. The best way to get a feel for our product is to sign up for an informative demo.

Technical Information

Proficio is a database application implemented in Microsoft’s .NET platform in C# using SQL Server databases. It tracks everything a museum or archive needs to know about their collections, from object descriptions and provenance to tracking information that changes over time, such as appraisals, locations, exhibits, and condition.

Product Offering and Implementation

You may purchase either the larger Proficio CMS or if you have a smaller collection with a more limited budget, Proficio Elements provides the “big museum system” scaled to the needs of a smaller institution.
Your CMS can be installed on a local or network computer, or we can host it in the Cloud and you’ll simply log in via a web browser.

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