Spectrum Compliance

Re:discovery Software, Inc. is proud to announce that Proficio is now Spectrum (4.0) Compliant!

What Spectrum is: Spectrum is the UK collection management standard that is also used around the world.

It covers processes that include:

  • Object Entry and Exit from Museum Manager Responsibility
  • Accessioning of Objects
  • Location and Movement Control of Object(s)
  • Object Cataloging and Inventory
  • Object Loans In and Out of Museum/Collection
  • Condition Checking and Technical Assessment of Objects
  • Care, Conservation, Valuation and Insurance costs and methods
  • Emergency Planning for Collections and Damage and Loss of Objects
  • Rights, Reproductions, Use of and Review of Collections and their Objects
  • Periodic Audits of System for Accuracy and Completeness

Who uses Spectrum:

Spectrum originated in and is used by all accredited museums in the UK.  In recent years the standard has been adopted by a number of other countries and translated into several languages.  (Source:

What this means:

  •  Proficio is now Spectrum compliant!
  • It ensures your objects are being protected and used in a responsible, traceable and safe manner.
  • As a Proficio user these standardized measures are at your disposal to be applied to your collections procedures as needed.

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